What is Spiritual Formation?


Spiritual formation/development is key to our growing of soul and to the deepening of our experience of the Sacred in all of life. Such work also enhances our awareness of the community in which we live and calls us to fuller service within that community.

Spiritual formation is the development of our own self-awareness as a spiritual being expressed through and within a physical world. However, this is not a self-centred exercise but rather a call to being aware of how we are deeply connected to all people and all of creation. This calls us to take our place within the community as a supportive and active presence for the betterment of the community.

Spiritual formation/development is both an inward movement and an outward movement as we grow in our experience of the Sacred within us, and all around us. It is only through such growth that we find true peace and our true calling in the world.

Rick believes in supporting others in this work not only through Spiritual Direction and the study of the Enneagram, but also through the offering of workshops/retreats focussed on the significance of spiritual formation/development and the spiritual practices that can nurture us on this journey. Rick has offered many such workshops and each one is designed for the particular needs of those seeking his leadership in this area.