What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is an ancient symbol for spiritual transformation and growth that offers the opportunity to cultivate deepening awareness, conscious choice, and wholeness in our lives.

In the past few decades Western psychological understandings have been integrated into the teachings of the Enneagram. On the surface the Enneagram depicts nine personalities that we individually manifest as we learn to live into this world.  At a deeper level it depicts nine manifestations of the Divine Essence within us ~ the Divine Image we are made in ~ and the symbol becomes a map to the soul.

In an introductory event we will explore the personality types represented by the Enneagram: how they show up in our lives, how we can cultivate an awareness of our automatic response through personality and how to unhook from that automatic response so that we can open up to the divine essence within us.

In more advanced events we will explore how those divine energies connect us to our soul, how to listen to the soul and to live from that deeper place.

Enneagram events are best done over several days or over several evenings to give space for reflection and observation.