"Tracing the flow of the Spirit through the landscape of life."

I have been a Spiritual Seeker all of my life, starting with my deep connection to my grandparents’ farm and to the lakes and rivers of Manitoba. I expanded this search through growing involvement with three significant congregations of the United Church of Canada (UCC), which led to my seeking ordination as a minister in the UCC. Following my studies (which deepened my search) and ordination, my search expanded to the exploration of my ancestry through Celtic spirituality and Aboriginal Traditional Teachings. On each step of this journey I came to realize that the “God” I was seeking was not limited to a particular name, or to a particular form (physical or spiritual), or to any one tradition. As I explored I found the same truth in many different names, understandings, traditions, and forms that people labelled as “God”.

That “truth” for me is:

  • that there is something bigger than us,
  • that we are part of an unfolding Universal Essence,
  • that we are a particular manifestation of the Universal Essence,
  •  that our purpose is to remember the Essence from which we come and to live into it with all of our heart, mind, and being,
  • that we are all one – with each person, with each creature, with all of creation, that we all come from the same Essence, and
  •  that we are called to love and care for all. To do otherwise would be to do harm to ourselves and to distance ourselves from Essence.


This is an evolving understanding and is not the definitive answer for me or for any one else. In reality each insight or understanding leads to more questions prompting a need to go deeper in my search. The journey is a continuous one that is full of delight, frustration, hope, tears, and laughter – all somehow held in the warmth and love of the Divine Essence.

If this connects with you, I would be glad to have further conversations about what I might be able to offer you or your group.

Rick McCorrister

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